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Christian Dior Rainbow Cloche Bucket Hat

SKU: El: 013139_1/E/W
  • Christian Dior c.1960s Pastel Rainbow Woven Straw & Tulle Cloche Bucket Hat


    Circa: 1960’s
    Label(s): Christian Dior Chapeaux
    Designer: Yves Saint Laurent
    Style: Cloche hat / turban hat
    Color(s): Shades of pink, green, blue (exterior); yellow (exterior, interior)
    Lined: No
    Unmarked Fabric Content: Polyester tulle (exterior, interior); straw (exterior) 
    Additional Packaging: No


    Additional Details / Inclusions: Turban cloche hat; features a wrapped beehive-style tulle and striped ribbon exterior; breathable netting interior. Fur accents have been previously added to interior rim for comfort.

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