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Emilio Pucci "Gemini IV" Silk Scarf

SKU: El: 013817_1/E/W
  • Emilio Pucci c.1965 "Gemini IV" Braniff Instrumental Signature Print Silk Square Scarf


    Circa: 1965
    Brand / Manufacturer: Emilio Pucci
    Collection: The Air Strip / Gemini IV
    Designer: Emilio Pucci
    Style: Square scarf
    Color(s): Shades of purple, pink, green, blue, white
    Unmarked Fabric Content: Silk
    Additional Packaging: No


    Additional Details / Inclusions: Silk square scarf; rolled hems; features a geometric abstract airplane flying, with square boxes featuring South and Central American instruments and imagery, with the Emilio signature throughout; Braniff International Airlines initials ‘BI’ located on top right. This is a scarf made specifically for the Braniff International Airlines flight attendants’ uniforms! This design was EXCLUSIVE to these employees!

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