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Hermes "Armes De Chasse" Silk Scarf

SKU: EI:013352_1/E/W70MW
  • Hermes c.1970 Phillipe Ledoux "Armes De Chasse" Hunting Motif Silk Twill Scarf


    Brand / Manufacturer: Hermes
    Design: Armes De Chasse
    Style: Scarf
    Color(s): Shades of blue, green, yellow, and ivory
    Lined: No
    Unmarked Fabric Content (feel of): Silk
    Additional Packaging: No


    Additional Details / Inclusions: Hermes “Armes De Chasse” (hunting weapon) silk scarf. Hunting vignettes separated by four sabers. “Armes De Chasse” printed at center. “Hermes Paris" printed on gold chain and navy border. Hand rolled edges. 

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