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Hermes "Courses a Chantilly" Scarf

SKU: El: 013240_1/E/W
  • Hermes c.1993 Maurice De Taquoy "Courses a Chantilly" Equestrian Races Silk Scarf


    Circa: 1952; 1993 Reissue
    Label(s): Hermès Paris, Maurice Taquoy
    Designer: Maurice De Taquoy
    Manufacturer Style Name: "Champ De Courses À Chantilly"
    Style: Silk scarf
    Color(s): Shades of white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, brown, gray, cream
    Unmarked Fabric Content: Silk
    Additional Packaging: No


    Additional Details / Inclusions: Silk scarf; hand-rolled hems; features a painted-style horse race, polo, and paddock design, inspired by the thoroughbred races in Chantilly, France. This is an incredibly RARE design, released in 1952 and reissued only once more in 1993, sought out by collectors!