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Hermes "Regina" Royal Bouquet Scarf

SKU: El: 013621_1/E/W
  • Hermes c.1997 "Regina" Navy Floral Ribbon Royal Bouquet & Belts Silk Twill Scarf


    Circa: 1972; 1997 Reissue 
    Brand / Manufacturer: Hermès
    Designer: Leila Menchari
    Style: Silk scarf
    Color(s): Shades of navy, blue, green, gold, yellow, brown, purple, indigo, white
    Marked Fabric Content: “100% silk”
    Made In: France
    Additional Packaging: No


    Additional Details / Inclusions: Silk scarf; hand-rolled hems; features the iconic floral bouquet pattern with flowers such as lilies, clovers, and chrysanthemums. This is a 1993 reissue of the original 1972 design. 

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